Google Trends: Trending Tesla Stocks gain traction, GameStop rises from the market shadows

Armando Fabela
3 min readJan 26, 2021


When people think of the stock market, they think of the businessmen that work on wall street. They think of people just buying and selling and doing their own job. The stock market to the average person may seem a bit scary, and even for investors and traders alike, they also get scared sometimes. It’s a huge gamble to invest money and buy stocks from companies, in regards to their performance and in hopes that the money you’ve invested will pay off.

Traders will often jump quick to sell stocks that are going to make them lose money and to buy stocks that they can foresee making them money. Recently, Tesla has been the talk in the market and people were jumping at the chance to own Tesla stock. Elon Musk became the richest person in the world until his Tesla stocks went down.

Through analysis of the graph, it can be seen that the increase of searches for ‘tesla stock’ can usually be seen around 8–9am. This is due to the fact that the stock market opens at 9 am. People have consistently looked up the Tesla stock in order to see how their stocks are doing, since the value of them has been fluctuating.

However, there was a dip in searches as it was pretty quiet for a day or so. When compared to the ‘gamestop stock’, the searches for their stock skyrocketed due to the value of their stock increasing. This is particular to notice because ‘gamestop stock’ wasn’t as searched as the Tesla one, but yet when something has value, it gains traction, even if it all stems from a meme or a joke. Gamestop was thought to have been in its final days, yet the searches and stocks prove that wrong.

Donald Trump puts up a fight, Biden finally gets to settle in the White House

Joe Biden has recently and officially become the President of the United States, in which his inauguration was on January 20, 2021. Meanwhile, Donald Trump was making a ruckus in the White House, demanding recounts, and overall hoping that somehow, some way, he would be able to stay president. People took notice of this and decided to keep tabs on him.

This made Trump more popularly searched for compared to Biden. The people want to know what’s going on, especially when situations get out of control. Trump wasn’t going to leave the White House silently, with which his supporters also helped him out.

When analyzing the graph, it can be seen that people were searching for him during the time that the White House was breached by angry MAGA protesters. While the stories made rounds in the media, people slowly stopped looking him up until the day of Biden’s inauguration. That’s when searches for both the ex-president and the new president went up. People wanted to know what was going on with Trump and to keep tabs on the inauguration and the new president. However, the searches for both drop down as the hype dies down. Biden can settle in and start to work now.